Mr. Cameron

From Los Angeles California, Mr. Cameron is a live performer and composer with over a decade of experience as a musician. Beginning his musical journey with piano at age 5, he has additionally studied guitar, trumpet, drums, and live vocal performance. Training under multiple jazz/rock performers, Cameron has undergone mentorship from reputable musical performers, such as Jeffrey Foskett of the Beach Boys. Currently Cameron records with several bands and is performing in Galveston/Kemah in the Country/Folk Duo “Two Roads South”. He enjoys playing in the styles of folk, classic rock, country, bluegrass, and bossa nova.

Longing to share his passion for music, Mr. Cameron began teaching so that he could aid students in their musical journey. He believes that music is for everyone, and that with the proper care, it can become a lifelong joy for the student. As a performing artist, Cameron understands the importance of developing a personal musical style, so while he finds it necessary to establish technical proficiency, his main goal is to help students grow into mature and seasoned musicians. Cameron currently teaches piano, guitar, and trumpet.

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