Mr. Ruben

Mr. Ruben is a pianist and vocal soloist from Houston, Texas. Ruben began his vocal studies at San Jacinto College and studied under Dr. Paul Busselberg. In 2012, won 1st place College Men’s division at the National Association of Music Teachers Singing competition. In that same year, he participated in Opera Orvieto and worked with Dr. Todd Queen from Louisiana State University and Nyela Basney from North Park University. In 2013 he continued his studies at North Park University in Chicago, Illinois under the guidance of Nyela Basney.  As an Undergraduate, Ruben had many opportunities to perform roles for both the Undergraduate and Graduate opera productions at North Park University including The Ballad of Baby Doe, Signor Deluso, and La bella dromente nel bosco. During these productions, Ruben had performed a total of 5-7 roles for each performance night. He also worked with Opera Directors of the Chicago Area such as Chicago Lyric Opera with Phillip Kraus, Chicago Lyric Opera with Directors Michael LaTour and Erik Friendman. 

Proceeding his vocal studies at North Park, Ruben took the opportunity to learn from a few of Chicago’s best pianists including Chris White and Bobby Schiff. In 2015, Ruben graduated with his Bachelor of Arts in Music from North Park University and returned to Houston where he has been teaching piano and voice for the past 5 years. 

Mr. Ruben enjoys getting his student’s excited about their musical journey and performing professionally as a pianist and vocalist in the Houston Area. 

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