Music Achievement Program

Music Achievement Program

About the program

To begin your musical adventure at Allegro, you will need a map to guide you on your journey. We believe music is a superpower. As you advance through the divisions you will earn your powers as you level up and advance through the program.

By earning your badges you will develop powers that will make you successful in music and in any endeavor you pursue in life.

Music, it’s your superpower!

How do I get my powers?

Earn 4 badges for each division to move to the next level. Your Allegro instructor will give you a challenge in:

  1. Composition
  2. Music Theory
  3. Performing
  4. Learning about great composers

If you pass a challenge you earn your badge. Once all four badges for your division are earned, you advance to the next level and the next set of musical challenges. Enjoy getting your powers and use the map to chart your path!

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