Voice Lessons

We teach all styles of music through professional voice lessons


Voice students can be as young as 10 years old, or younger with the teacher's approval.

Classically Trained Instructors

Allegro voice instructors are classically trained and provide technical vocal instructions in any style of music the student would like to sing.

Here to help

If you would like to develop your voice to its fullest potential, we have the right voice teachers for you.

What to expect from voice lessons at Allegro

Voice students can expect to spend time each week doing exercises that improve their vocal range, vibrato, ear training, breath control, tone production, enunciation and more. We balance musicianship and fun by making sure that each lesson is challenging, but always end with something fun such as your song.  All voice students set goals with their instructor to work toward developing their own unique voice in a healthy and safe way.

Allegro voice students can expect personalized lessons with highly-qualified teaching faculty that have studied and performed around the world. Our voice faculty crafts personalized lesson plans and practice routines to help students work toward their goals. Students are given a practice journal to bring, along with any provided materials such as sheet music to each lesson.

Vocal Lessons in Pearland Texas
Voice Performance

Performance Opportunities

Students also have quarterly performance opportunities with the Allegro Winter Showcase, Summer Recital, and open-mic nights. Our faculty is warm and friendly, and will work with you to craft a lesson plan that fits your individual needs and favorite type of music.

Whether you’re singing in your school or church choir, taking your first lesson, or a fifty year old returning to singing after many years, we’ll set goals to achieve your musical aspirations.

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