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"My two granddaughters are LOVING the music lessons and I’ve been very pleased with Allegro. Our instructor possesses infinite patience and is also a stickler for proper technique and form which is critical at the start. You have a winning organization. Thank you."
“The girls are greatly enjoying their lessons. The instructor has great enthusiasm and we look forward to the year! Allegro teachers have always been top notch.”
“We started lessons just 6 months ago with Allegro,and my twins love it! They are developing a love of music which self-motivates them to practice without being told. Allegro provides a supportive and caring teaching program that encourages them to learn. Many thanks!"
"Excellent instructors, great recitals, one of which benefiting the student and community. Great choice for learning an instrument."
"Great teachers and very professionally managed. Kid and adult friendly! The management and staff are very well educated and the recitals are entertaining. Great place to start or pick back up on lessons."
"I am currently taking voice lessons at Allegro Academy and I go there every Wednesday. Everyone there is so kind and generous. The instructors are so good at teaching and walk you through every step it takes for you to learn the instrument, sing, etc. With my experience at Allegro, I have learned that the instructors will do anything to make sure you succeed and they are so kind to me and everyone else. I also really liked the girl named Esther. She was very kind and was always ready to help. The other staff members-workers, instructors, etc. were all really kind too! I would definitely recommend going to Allegro Academy, especially to anyone who likes music or would like to have a little more training in music"
"Highly recommend. My son was shy and the instructor just got straight to working on the piano and was awesome! My son learned so much those 30 mins and came home anxious to keep practicing. We love it! Great first lesson."
"My daughter loves to sing but was not confident enough to sing in front of others. Since starting voice lessons at Allegro she has really stepped out of her comfort zone. We love our instructor so much. She is a fabulous teacher!"
"My daughter takes lessons at home and has learned so much within 1 year. Her teacher she is very caring and sweet. Awesome recitals too!"
"Best music academy!"
"One of the best music academies I know. The staff and instructors are very friendly and knowledgeable."
"We love our instructor! He is an excellent musician and an equally great teacher. His mellow attitude and patient encouragement are exactly what my little drummer needs to learn and grow while having fun."

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