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Heather Scharbor is passionate about helping students express artistic musical gifts, while also developing technical skills. She put her passion into action when she founded Allegro Academy of Music. She wanted to give Houston-area students access to an excellent music conservatory—one which inspires each individual to learn with creativity, while also pursuing excellence in all things.

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Music is therapy

As Director and Owner of the academy, the wellbeing of Heather’s music students has always been a top priority. With the current crisis still ongoing, it remains a primary focus. “I see music as a therapy, which benefits the emotional, academic, and social wellbeing of students at any age,” Heather explains. She points out that with the disruption of everyday routines, such as school and extracurricular activities, kids of all ages can become frightened and experience increased anxiety.

“Music lessons lend themselves very well to continuing in an online environment. Being able to continue connecting with and teaching our students through a video platform has allowed us a unique opportunity to give them much-needed continuity in their lives,” she says. Conveniently located in Pearland, the academy serves all of Houston and surrounding areas. The ability to attend online lessons makes it even more convenient for students to continue to enjoy learning to play an instrument and to continue their progress and growth as musicians.

“I see music as a therapy, which benefits the emotional, academic, and social wellbeing of students at any age,”

Not only is Heather dedicated to having a positive impact on the community and strengthening students’ wellbeing through excellent music education, but she’s also a nationally recognized pianist herself which puts her in a position to partner with the most prestigious exam program in the world—the Royal Schools of Music exam program. This program, known as ABRSM, can lead to college scholarships and also builds character and perseverance, which paves the way for success in any endeavor students of the academy choose to pursue.

The focus and culture at Allegro Academy of Music is always on what’s best for students. “Due to the pandemic, we’ve added additional free programs to support the emotional wellbeing of any child or adult with an interest in music. We now offer free piano master classes and online group lessons in a variety of instruments,” says Heather. To make observing social distancing directives easier, Heather began challenging students to perform “porch concerts” for neighbors and the elderly from a safe distance while stay-at-home orders were in place. Students loved this and Heather’s other creative challenges, which motivated them to achieve new goals every two weeks. Check out the Allegro Academy Facebook page to watch these challenge videos, meant to inspire and encourage others during this current crisis.

Heather added, “We’re honored that so many families love our teachers, our teaching philosophy, and our atmosphere for learning in our state-of-the-art facility.” The academy plans to celebrate their 10th anniversary in the summer of 2021 as the instructors continue to inspire children and adults to add joy, passion, and excellence to their lives through music.

Pablo Casals once said, “Perhaps music will save the world.” Perhaps it will!

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